Akemi Stone Care Kit

Akemi Stone Care Kit in Transparent Clamshell

This kit contains all products necessary to clean and maintain natural stone: a cleaner, sealer, and stone polish designed for stone countertop owners.

Stone Cleaner: Used for thoroughly removing building dirt, oil and grease, soot and tar, the remains of synthetic paints on all natural and artificial stones.

Stain Repellent: A special impregnation which repels water, grease and oil. Used to protect flooring, table tops and working surfaces made of absorbent natural and artificial stones. Can be used without hesitation in the foodstuffs branch.

Stone Polish - silicone based: A polish which cleans, cares and protects at the same time. When polished, returns the original lustre to floors, tables, working surfaces and window sills.

The kit also includes: sponge, polishing cloth, cleaning cloth, brush, gloves and measuring cup.

Price: $40.05
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