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Tenax Travertine Filler Buff 1 Liter

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Tenax Travertine Filler
Sale Price: $19.50
Item Number: 14AC01BG50

An excellent product for filling travertine. Unlike grouting the travertine, this buff colored glue will stay in place permanently!
This polyester based travertine filler is semi-solid and comes with the hardener as shown. This is exactly what slab manufacturers use to fill travertine before selling it on the market. Use what the professionals use! This filler for travertine is easy to use with easy clean up. Just add 3% hardener (included) to the glue in a non waxed paper cup and mix it with a tongue depressor or popsicle stick until mixed thoroughly That would be approximately 3 drops of hardener to each tablespoon of resin. Fill the voids in your travertine with it then scrape the exess glue off so it is flush with the top of your stone and allow it to dry. This travertine filler is already colored a light tan color so it will match your travertine. Clean up excess or spills with a rag and either denatured alcohol or acetone. 

This travertine filler is exactly what the professionals use to fill the holes in travertine. This glue will dry with gloss and you can make it a matte finish by buffing the filler for travertine with coarse steel wool. If you want to make the gloss higher buff it with extra fine steel wool. This is a high quality product that is made in Italy By Tenax, a leader in the stone industry for over 50 years. Even if you are a do it yourselfer using travertine filler you can expect to get professional results filling travertine with this product.

This is a HazMat (hazardous material). It can only be shipped via FedEx Ground Delivery to the continental USA or FedEx International Ground Delivery to Canada. It is not able to be shipped via any other level of service or outside of the continental USA and Canada.

1 Liter can with hardening paste

MSDS Data Sheet

* This item cannot be shipped FedEx Overnight or FedEx 2-Day because we cannot ensure it's safety during shipping. We apologize for any inconvience. * 

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