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Applied Diamond Tools
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Lifting Glass with Quality Glass Lifting Tools

Whether you need to move glass in a storefront or install decorative glass in a home, the right glass lifting tools are essential. These handheld tools, such as vacuum suction cups, keep the smooth edge finish in tact when moving and installing not only glass, but also polished stone, fiberglass, metal and even linoleum.

One of the most common diamond tool for lifting glass and stone structures is a suction vacuum cup lifter with a hand grip and vacuum suction cups attached. Toolocity features a variety of sizes, shapes and styles to ensure that each installer can safely lift, install or move polished stone, concrete countertops, and granite and glass structures.


Diamond Tools and Blades for Every Job

If you’re in the automotive industry, Toolocity also has handheld lifters perfect for removing, lifting and installing curved automobile glass. A hand pump suction vacuum lifter safely secures the structure to avoid damage to the vehicle’s exterior and interior.

Have a project that requires a diamond hole saw or diamond tools and blades? Look no further. Toolocity, a premium diamond tool supply distributor, has quality diamond tools to make each and every job finish smoothly. From diamond tools and blades to vacuum suction cups, concrete floor polishing supplies and diamond polishing pads, know that you can find the best glass lifting tools from professionals with the know how and resources you need.

With free domestic shipping for orders topping $100 and a 5 percent discount for repeat orders, acquiring a handsome collection of quality diamond tools and blades for less just makes sense.

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