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Applied Diamond Tools
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St. Louis, MO 63132
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Keep Bits in Place with a Diamond Tool Holder

It takes a lot of patience and experience to keep a steady hand when working with tools. One product, the diamond tool holder, makes DIY projects a little easier for both beginners and experienced tool workers.

For one, a diamond tool holder produces a smooth finish unlike no other. It’s rigid, so it also allows for deeper cuts and it’s simple to grind when using a jig. A conventional tool bit may do the job, but try improving the quality and efficiency of each cut with the diamond tool holder. Check out the parts and accessories available from Toolocity when in need of adapters, back holders and water hose assembly.

Need a Diamond Tool? Toolocity Can Supply

Whether you are in search of a diamond tool holder or quality diamond tools and blades, Toolocity is the one-stop resource for concrete floor grinding and polishing, granite and glass slab handling and even glass lifting with specialty vacuum suction cups.

Not sure how to pull off that next project? Let Toolocity show you how with how-to DVDs focused on granite blank fabrication, granite countertop fabrication, concrete countertop builds and much more. Simply the project with one of Toolocity’s DIY package deals for premium concrete countertop polishing or granite edge profiling and polishing.

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