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Diamond Hole Saws for different materials

For each and every project you take on, finding the right quality diamond tools should be a priority. Not only does our diamond tool store at provide the polishing and drilling equipment you need for concrete floors, countertops and glass slab handling, it also provides the know how you need to complete the job to perfection. 

A diamond hole saw is one of the key pieces of equipment you will need when working with stone, ceramic or porcelain tiles, granite countertops or stone flooring. A premium diamond core bit, or diamond hole saw, is designed to wet or dry cut stones so that you can achieve the best look and feel for your home improvement project. Choose metal bond diamond hole saws such as our Monster Dry/Wet Diamond Hole Saws for hard stones such as granite, as well as concrete; and choose vacuum brazed diamond hole saws for drilling on softer stones such as marble, travertine, as well as ceramic and porcelain tiles. Vacuum brazed technology ensures that the diamond hole saws are 100% exposed, more aggressive and suitable for cleaner cuts for marble, travertine, ceramic, porcelain and even glass. A metal bond diamond hole saw can be used for cutting marble, ceramic and porcelain, however, the cuts tend to leave chippings around the holes., a diamond tool store, recommends choosing the quality diamond tools, such as diamond saw blades, for each and every project. From a 4 ½ inch wet air stone cutter or saw with a diamond blade and hose to a 7 inch diamond saw complete with a premium blade, Toolocity is your one-stop diamond tool store.

Diamond Tool Store Premium Products

When moving on to your next project, think about the quality diamond tools you may need. Grinding stones or diamond polishing pads? We’ve got them. Diamond hand profilers or antique brushes? We’ve got them, too. With Toolocity, you get the entire package. In fact, we have affordable package deals for granite fabrication and concrete counter top polishing to make your job easier.

It gets better. offers free domestic shipping for orders more than $100 and a 5 percent discount for repeat orders. If an honest, affordable and quality diamond tool store is what you’re looking for, look no further. is dedicated to satisfy our customers and make each and every project more efficient, smooth and stunning.

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