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Choosing Diamond Core Bits for Your Project

When embarking on a DIY or professional concrete countertop or concrete floor project, it’s imperative to have quality diamond tools. From diamond saw blades and diamond hand pads to vacuum suction cups and diamond core bits, Toolocity is undeniably the best resource for your drilling and polishing needs.

In fact, our extensive line of diamond core bits is impressive. How do you choose the right quality diamond tools?

When assessing your project, keep in mind that vacuum brazed diamond core bits and wet or dry diamond core bits are primarily used when drilling granite, concrete counter tops, marble and various types of stones. If your project prompts you to drill concrete floors, and engineered stone, consider Toolocity’s wide selection of dry and wet diamond core bits. But, if you plan to drill fiber glass, metal, ceramic, porcelain or marble, the vacuum brazed diamond core bits are much more suitable to achieve your desired finish. 

Tips of the Trade: Diamond Core Bits

It’s important to take all safety precautions necessary when using quality diamond tools. In addition, preparation to determine needed drill speeds and lubrication for diamond core bits is key. While it is difficult to pinpoint the exact drill speed you need right away, consider the abrasiveness of the stone, granite or marble you’re working with.

The heat of the drill will help indicate whether or not the lubrication and drill pressure are in line with your current project. The quality diamond drilling tools should never be scalding after use and drill bits should not have visible burn marks around the tip when using diamond core bits. This could indicate that the drill speed and pressure is too much or that the lubrication is not sufficient.

Make sure your project is executed smoothly and produces a smooth result for your concrete countertops or concrete floor grinding and polishing job by viewing instructional and how-to DVDs at Not only do our experts offer professional advice, we also have the diamond tool supply to get the job done right the first time.

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