Alpha Wet Air Polisher for Stone

Alpha Air/Pneumatic Polisher - AIR-658

Ultimate Air Polisher for Fabricators

Alpha® AIR-658 is a high performance, pneumatic polishing tool designed for continuous production use. It has a centrally water-fed distribution system that provides the best finishes possible. For years, Alpha Professional Tools® produced model number AIR-558, which was known for its high quality and durable construction. After reviewing the design and application of this tool, we ergonomically designed the AIR-658, as its successor, with many new features. Fabricators love its compact design and low weight. They also know that it is very durable under some of the most adverse conditions that a tool is required to operate in. Shop workers easily use this tool with little or no fatigue. With a speed of 3,500 RPM and convenient size, this polisher is the ideal polishing tool for the professional shop worker. Alpha® AIR-658 is a lightweight tool that accepts 3”, 4” or 5” discs. It is a “plug and play” tool, which includes the side handle, a splashguard, pneumatic lubrication oil, and the hoses for air, water and exhaust along with the appropriate fittings. With sealed bearings to increase life and a rear exhaust system, Alpha® AIR-658 is designed to last a long time. Requirements for this tool are a cast iron 2 stage compressor, a large reservoir, 5 HP for each tool. Air consumption is 15 CFM and required air pressure is 85-95 PSI. With a weight of only 2.64 lbs, Alpha® AIR-658 is the best addition to any stone shop.

Specifications Equipment Included
Air Consumption..............15 CFM * Air Lead Hose - 10 feet
Air Pressure......................85-95 PSI * Exhaust Muffler
Speed (No Load)............. 3,500 RPM * Side Handle (Reversible)
Weight...............................2.64 lbs * Lubrication Oil
Spindle..............................5/8-11 * Faucet/Garden Hose Adapter
Air Inlet.............................1/4" Npt * Wrenches/Splash Guard
* C-Handle

Price: $325.00
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