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Air Secateur / Air Pruner GP-109ST

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List Price: $99.00
Sale Price: $86.90
Item Number: GP-109ST
Gison Air Secateurs, Air Pruners, Air Garden Shears (Safety Lever), Pneumatic Secateurs, Pneumatic Pruners, Pneumatic Garden Shears (Safety Lever) products are intricately designed and embroidered with premium quality threads.

Specifications Features
Cutting Capacity : 1" for softer branches and 3/4" for hard branches 
Net Weight : 0.70 kg or 1.5 lbs
Air Cons. : 0.073 Liter/Per triggering
Air Inlet : 1/4"
Hose Size : 6.5 mm(ID)
Air Pressure : 90 psi

* Durable construction delivers long hours of cutting power.
* Light weight and easy operation.
* An unique safety lock associated with safety trigger preventing accident start-up.
* Forged blades for long last cutting.
* Telescopic extension pole for longer reach.
* Innovative tilt and rotation adjustment provides excellent reach and cutting application.

User manual for GP-109ST

1. Water in the compressor tank will cause serious corrosion to your air tools and should be
  drained daily to avoid excessive water in your air supply. Dirty wet air will rapidly shorten the
  life of your air tools.
2. Supply tool with 90 psi (6.2 bar) of clean, dry air. Higher pressure drastically reduces tool life.
3. Prevent contaminates from entering the air motor.
4. Every day before use, remove the tool from air line and pour 20 cc suitable motor lubricating
  oil into Air Inlet. Run the tool for few seconds to allow air to circulate the oil and well lubricate
  the cylinder. This will ensure top performance and maximum durability of tool.
5. Lubrication : Use an air line lubricator with SAE#10 oil, adjusted to 2 ~ 3 drops per minute. If
  an air line lubricator can not be used, add air motor oil to the inlet before and after use. Gears,
  bearing, sleeves, and sliders need to be lubricated as well.
6. Dissemble and inspect air motor and governor assembly every 3 months if the tool is used
  every day. Replace damaged or worn parts.
7. Use original factory supplied tools, spare parts and accessories.
  Do not alter or modify the unit from the Original design or function.

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