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Applied Diamond Tools
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Diamond Hand Pads Recover and Replenish Surfaces

If you like to work with your hands, then diamond hand pads should be your top priority. Perfect for recovering scratches and performing light polishing, these diamond hand tools will spruce up granite and marble countertops while adding more of a sparkle to your concrete floors.

At, you can alternate between electroplated diamond hand pads for polishing when granite and concrete surface need more of an aggressive polish or resin bonded diamond hand pads for topping off granite and marble countertops. Recover from minor scratches and stains by polishing with the best diamond hand tools Toolocity has to offer. It doesn’t matter if you’re polishing to impress dinner guests or sprucing up a commercial business for a grand opening – has the diamond hand tool supplies you need.

Smooth Out Tough Projects with Diamond Hand Tools

For tougher projects, it may be time to invest in professional electric dry or wet polishers and grinders from Toolocity. As a premier supplier of quality diamond hand tools, Toolocity features a variety of diamond saws, blades and even concrete floor polishing tools to add some flavor to your concrete countertop and concrete flooring projects. You can even drill up some excitement to a DIY project with quality Flex electric drills and diamond core drill bits.

Those floors and countertops don’t have to lack the luster they need. Choose from an extensive stock of diamond hand tools, diamond hand pads and concrete floor polishing supplies to keep them smooth and shiny for years to come.

Save on more of your favorite diamond hand tools with Toolocity’s deep discounts for repeat orders, package deals and free domestic shipping for orders over $100. 

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