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Applied Diamond Tools
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Cutting With Quality: Diamond Saw Blades

It pays to choose the right quality diamond tools. Whether you are completing a DIY home project or hiring a contractor to customize granite or stone countertops, knowing the quality of tools used is a necessity. Here’s why.

Diamond saw blades alone vary in quality, sizes, and shapes. Some diamond saw blades can cut through rigid concrete surfaces with ease while others may produce a less than desirable result. To ensure your project ends with the perfect finish, opt for Toolocity’s premium diamond saw blades and quality diamond tools. From circular saw blades to electroplated blades designed for smooth cutting, Toolocity’s team of professionals can guide you to the best diamond hand tools for each and every project. Whether the plan is to cut through a sink, glass, tile or concrete, know that quality diamond tools from Toolocity can get the job done smoothly.

Quality Diamond Tools at Your Fingertips

Not only does Toolocity feature the best in diamond tool supply, it also provides the know-how for beginners. Our extensive line of how-to DVDs can walk even the most novice tool operator through delicate projects. Learn how to build concrete counter-tops, fabricate granite countertops and cut and polish sinks with ease. 

Want the complete package? Opt for package deals from Toolocity that will provide you with quality diamond tools to fabricate countertops and profile and polish wet granite edges in no time … and at an affordable price.

If you need the tools, Toolocity can provide them with expert input on the spot. No need to shop around – you’ve found the one-stop resource for quality diamond tools. 

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